Start Your own CityDog Magazine

Who is CityDog Magazine?

Launched in 2005, CityDog Magazine is the definitive dog lover’s magazine about life and living with dogs in the Pacific Northwest. Each issue overflows with informative, insightful and often humorous articles on topics from cool canine products and the latest doggie trends, to regional activities for dogs and their people. With 15 years under its belt, it’s the go-to place for Seattle area dog lovers to find all they need to know about living in the city they love with the four-legged love of their life.

Now you can start your own CityDog Magazine in your city!

Why start my own CityDog Magazine?
Imagine producing your own gorgeous, glossy lifestyle magazine featuring all of the things you love most about living with dogs in your city — from traveling to dog-friendly destinations to attending swanky, dog-centric events to enjoying the awesome people, places and things your city has to offer dogs and dog lovers. Sound like a business you could sink your teeth into? We certainly did over 15 years ago in Seattle and we’ll show you how today — with your own CityDog Magazine, you can be up, running and profitable in no time!

Don’t go it alone.
Starting a business — any kind of business — is challenging. The good news is, starting a magazine with a proven brand like CityDog, makes it a whole lot easier. More importantly, it significantly increases your chances for success and profitability. You will be joining an already established network versus going it alone, getting the marketing support and business tools you need to launch a magazine in your region. This includes a turnkey website with revenue generators built in, design services, access to our archive of articles and photography as well as access to national and regional advertisers.

Best of all, you own 100% of your own CityDog Magazine!

How do I get started?
Simply fill out and submit the form below or email us at with the following information: Your name, address, phone number, region/geographic area you wish to publish in and a brief note about your background.*

*The information above is to provide us with an initial evaluation — it will not be shared with anyone outside of CityDog Magazine.

After we receive your information, we will follow up with an email to set up a phone call or email exchange to answer any questions you may have about launching CityDog Magazine in your region. At that time, if we mutually agree to move forward, our staff will lay out the next steps.

Please keep in mind that becoming a CityDog Magazine publisher is like buying any other business. It includes fees, contracts, legal documents and agreements, as well as a commitment of time, energy and skill to be successful. If you believe you have what it takes (including an implicit love for dogs), please contact us below.

Cities currently available to start your own CityDog Magazine: San Francisco, Denver, Dallas, Chicago, Boston, Phoenix, Portland, Los Angeles, Vancouver B.C., San Diego and Austin. If you don’t see your city here, please just ask!