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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Did you know that your dog’s sleeping position can tell you a lot about their personality, habits and how secure they feel at home? Experts have identified the most common sleeping positions for dogs and the meanings behind them.


Ever wonder why your dog some times sleeps in weird positions? The experts at have researched the various sleeping positions for our four-legged friends and how each sleeping style has a unique meaning behind it. Then, we’ve picked out the perfect beds for your pooch.

Sleeping positions for dogs can show off their personality, feature their numerous habits, as well as indicating how secure they feel in the home. From the proud lion sleeper to the affectionate dogs looking for a cuddle, each position represents interesting facts about the beloved animals.

Nic Shacklock from says, “From keeping warm in the donut position, to laying on the back when completely comfortable, we’ve found how each sleeping position has a special meaning.”

LAYING ON THE BACK This is one of the more humorous sleeping positions for dogs, where they are resting on their back with their paws in the air. Dog’s muscles are the most relaxed at this point and it’s a positive sign to show how they trust you and are fully comfortable in the home. When the legs are also in the air, it’s an easy way for them to keep cool.

Editor’s Pick: Frolic or Serengeti Rectangle Beds 

THE DONUT One of the most common sleeping positions for dogs is to curl up in the donut position. This is a way for dogs to keep warm particularly during colder seasons, but it’s also a way to keep themselves always protected when feeling slightly vulnerable.

Editor’s Pick: FurHaven Calming Cuddler Donut Bed

SIDE SLEEPER It’s the most popular way for dogs to sleep and it’s a good thing. Typically, dogs sleeping this way feel comfortable in their surroundings and are more relaxed in the home. If their legs are extended too, it means they are getting a good night’s sleep.

Editor’s Pick: California Dreaming Memory Foam Bed

CUDDLE UP If you’re lucky to have two dogs cuddling together, it’s usually a picturesque moment to awe over with the family. This display of affection often means your dog is loving in nature and is bonding with their companion.

Editor’s Pick: FurHaven Deluxe Chaise Memory Top Lounge Bed

THE LION POSE A proud way for the four-legged friends to sleep where the dog is laying on their front with their head resting on their paws. This means your dog is still relaxing their muscles, but is also on guard ready to jump back up. It’s good for a limited amount of time, but if it’s all throughout the night then they aren’t fully settled.

Editor’s Picks: Scout & About Outdoor Pillow Bed and West Paw Heyday Bed

THE FLYING SQUIRREL POSE It’s a common sleeping position for puppies, but it’s consistent with many pets who are looking to play and have fun. In this position, they’re spread out with both arms and legs as if they’re ready to start flying. Dogs with energetic personalities typically sleep in this way as they’re still ready to get involved in some action.

Editor’s Pick: The Chill Pad

BLANKET BURROWER If your dog is obsessed with burying themselves under blankets and toys, then they are simply looking for more ways to keep cosy and warm. But it’s also a strong sign that they’re seeking safety, which is often why your dog might be resting in a soft and fluffy pit.

Editor’s Pick: The Snuggle Bed

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