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Explore Portland, Maine with Your Furry Friend- Top Dog-Friendly Places

Welcome to Portland, Maine, a picturesque coastal city that warmly welcomes both you and your four-legged companion. Known for its stunning waterfront, charming streets, and vibrant food scene, Portland offers a variety of dog-friendly places where you and your pup can enjoy the best of what the city has to offer.


In this guide, we’ll introduce you to some of the top dog-friendly spots in Portland, from beautiful parks and scenic trails to cozy cafes and unique shops. Whether you’re a local looking for new adventures or a visitor exploring the city for the first time, these locations ensure a fun and memorable experience for you and your dog. Join us as we uncover the best dog-friendly places in Portland, Maine!

1. Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Co.

Discover the charm of Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Co. in dog-friendly Portland, where your furry friend can join you for a scenic 40-minute train ride. This pet-friendly attraction features a 3-mile journey along the stunning waterfront, showcasing Casco Bay, lighthouses, marinas, forts, parks, and a beach.

Leashed dogs are welcome in Coach Class, ensuring dog owners can enjoy the ride with their pets. During warmer months, opt for the open-air passenger cars for unobstructed views and excellent airflow. Though dogs are not allowed on the Polar Express rides, there are plenty of other adventures to be had.

Pet Policies and Amenities:

  • Leashed dogs are welcome in Coach Class
  • Dogs are not allowed on the Polar Express rides

Contact Number: (207) 828-0814

Location: 58 Fore Street, Portland, Maine| View Website

2. Valley Street Dog Park

Valley Street Dog Park in Portland, ME, is a haven for dogs and their owners in the heart of downtown Portland. This large, fenced park allows your furry friends to run and play without leashes, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all.

With features like benches for the other dog owners, a water station, and shaded areas, it’s perfect for a relaxing day out. The dog-friendly atmosphere of Portland extends to the nearby amenities, making it a delightful experience for both pets and their owners. Whether you’re a local or just visiting downtown Portland, Valley Street Dog Park is a must-visit for any dog lover.

Pet Policies and Amenities:

  • Large, fenced area for off-leash play

  • Benches for owners to relax

  • Water station for dogs

  • Shaded areas for comfort

  • Convenient location in downtown Portland

Contact Number: (207) 808-5400

Location: 140 Valley Street, Portland, Maine| View Website

3. Bunker Brewing Company

Bunker Brewing Company in Portland, ME, is the ultimate pet-friendly haven for craft beer enthusiasts and their furry friends. This gem offers dog-friendly outdoor seating, where leashed dogs are warmly welcomed to join their owners on the charming patio.

Sip on a diverse range of craft beer, including IPAs, porters, goses, and lagers, all brewed to perfection. Bunker Brewing Company stands out with its vibrant atmosphere and frequent food trucks, making it a perfect spot to unwind. With a strong reputation for being pet-friendly, it’s a must-visit for those who want to enjoy great beer and bring their pets along.

Pet Policies and Amenities:

  • Leashed dogs allowed on the outdoor patio

  • Dog-friendly outdoor seating available

  • Pet-friendly environment

Contact Number: (207) 613-9471

Location: 17 Westfield Street #D, Portland, Maine| View Website

4. Austin Street Brewery

Austin Street Brewery in the Bayside neighborhood of Portland, ME, offers a welcoming experience for dog lovers and their furry friends. Known for its dog-friendly outdoor seating, this brewery lets you bring Fido along as you savor house-brewed beers, including kolschs, pale ales, IPAs, and stouts.

The partially covered patio provides a comfortable spot for your dog to relax while you enjoy the vibrant atmosphere. As one of the top dog-friendly locations in South Portland, Austin Street Brewery stands out as a dog friendly brewery that prioritizes both quality brews and pet-friendly experiences. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, it’s a must-visit spot for beer enthusiasts and their canine companions.

Pet Policies and Amenities:

  • Dogs allowed on the partially covered patio

  • Fresh water bowls available

  • Leashes required at all times

  • Dog waste bags provided

  • Dog-friendly staff ready to welcome your pet

Contact Number: (207) 200-1994

Location: 115 Fox Street, Portland, Maine| View Website

5. East End Beach at Eastern Promenade Park

East End Beach at Eastern Promenade Park is a paradise for dog owners in Portland, ME. This pet-friendly beach offers a designated area for off-leash play, perfect for well-behaved dogs to exercise and socialize.

Leashed dogs can also enjoy the Eastern Promenade Trail, making it a versatile spot for all types of canine companions. The beach features picnic tables and ample street parking along Austin Street, ensuring convenience for a day out. Additionally, the vibrant Commercial Street is nearby, providing various attractions to explore after a fun day at the beach.

Pet Policies and Amenities:

  • Off-leash play area designated

  • Leashed dogs allowed on Eastern Promenade Trail

Contact Number: (207) 874-8462

Location: 86 Eastern Promenade, Portland, Maine| View Website

6. Mayor Baxter Woods

Mayor Baxter Woods is a dog-friendly forested retreat in the midst of residential neighborhoods in Portland, ME. Spanning 29 acres, this serene haven features shaded trails surrounded by pines, perfect for a leisurely stroll with your pup.

The park boasts two ponds and an open meadow, making it an ideal spot for dogs to explore. Nearby, the vibrant East Bayside and Commercial Street areas offer outdoor patio and seating options for a relaxing break after your walk. Baxter Woods provides a peaceful escape where your furry friend can enjoy nature while staying safe and secure.

Pet Policies and Amenities:

  • Dogs must be leashed at all times.

  • Humans must clean up after their dogs.

  • Shaded trails surrounded by pines.

  • Two ponds and an open meadow.

  • Nearby outdoor patio and seating areas in East Bayside and Commercial Street.

Contact Number: (207) 874-8801

Location: 555 Stevens Avenue, Portland, Maine| View Website

7. Portland Lobster Company

Portland Lobster Company is a haven for seafood lovers and their furry friends, nestled in the heart of Portland, ME. This dog-friendly restaurant offers fresh seafood delights, including their award-winning lobster roll and creamy clam chowder.

With dog-friendly outdoor seating, you and your furry friend can savor delicious dishes like fried platters and sandwiches, while enjoying the scenic waterfront. The dog-friendly patio is perfect for sunny days, and the atmosphere is as inviting as the food is delectable. Whether you’re indulging in a slice of Wild Maine Blueberry Pie or a Whoopie Pie, Portland Lobster Company ensures a memorable experience for you and your four-legged companion.

Pet Policies and Amenities:

  • Dog-friendly outdoor seating

  • Dogs are welcome at an outdoor table

  • Water bowls provided for pets

  • Friendly staff accommodating to pets

Contact Number: (207) 775-2112

Location: 180 Commercial Street, Portland, Maine| View Website

8. Luke’s Lobster

Luke’s Lobster in Portland, ME, is the ultimate destination for dog owners craving fresh seafood. This casual joint invites you and your fur baby to relax at one of their dog-friendly outdoor tables, perfect for enjoying the bustling atmosphere.

Delight in a cold beer while savoring their signature Lobster Roll or the refreshing Wild Blue Salad, featuring chilled lobster and pickled wild blueberries. Known for its warm hospitality, Luke’s Lobster ensures that Fido feels welcome, making it a standout among dog-friendly restaurants. Located conveniently in South Portland, it’s the ideal spot to unwind with your pup.

Pet Policies and Amenities:

  • Pet-friendly outdoor seating

  • Water bowls provided for dogs

  • Leashed dogs welcome

  • Complimentary dog treats

Contact Number: (207) 274-6097

Location: 60 Portland Pier, Portland, Maine| View Website 

9. East Ender

Discover East Ender, a gem for dog-friendly dining in Portland, where you and your furry friend can enjoy a delightful meal together. This friendly restaurant boasts a cozy dog-friendly patio with only two outdoor tables, so reservations are recommended.

Savor an internationally influenced menu featuring local and seasonal ingredients, such as the Maine Lobster Melt with Bacon Jam or the vegetarian Tunisian Coconut-Chickpea Stew. For brunch lovers, fresh Daily Doughnuts and Homemade Yogurt with Olive Oil Granola are must-tries. East Ender is the perfect spot for a delicious meal in one of Portland’s top dog-friendly locations.

Pet Policies and Amenities:

  • Dog-friendly patio

  • Water bowls provided

  • Pets must be leashed at all times

Contact Number: (207) 879-7669

Location: 47 Middle Street, Portland, Maine, United States| View Website

Enjoy Your Dog-Friendly Adventure

From picturesque parks and scenic trails to welcoming cafes and unique shops, Portland offers a variety of spots where both you and your dog can create unforgettable memories.

Whether you’re a local discovering new favorite hangouts or a visitor soaking in the city’s charm, these dog-friendly locations ensure a warm and enjoyable experience for everyone.

So, grab your leash, pack some treats, and embark on a delightful adventure in Portland, Maine. Here’s to many happy moments with your four-legged companion in this beautiful city!


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